Responsible Investing


As a responsible investor, Delta Capital Myanmar is committed to pro-actively identify, address and manage environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities throughout the investment process.

Our guiding principles are that we and the businesses in which Myanmar Opportunities Fund II's capital is deployed, will:

  • Comply with all applicable laws;
  • Work over time to apply relevant international best practice standards, with appropriate targets and timetables for achieving them;
  • Minimise adverse impacts and enhance positive effects on the environment and social aspects vis-a-vis all stakeholders;
  • Commit to continuous improvements with respect to management of the environment, social and governance matters; and
  • Employ management systems which effectively assess, address, monitor and report ESG risks and opportunities in our investments as a fundamental part of our investment process.

Our ESG management system reflects our guiding principles and establishes ESG policies and procedures which add value to the businesses in which we invest.


Delta Capital Myanmar believes that investing in a responsible manner by evaluating and managing environmental and social risks, impacts and opportunities, helps fulfil its mission to generate superior returns. Adopting a proactive consideration of the E&S matters in its investment decisions can reduce risks, create value, and benefit the society at large.

E&S considerations must be reviewed in a holistic manner, to account for both E&S material risks and potential opportunities. We strive to understand their specificities in the Myanmar context and in the sectors at stake. 

Delta Capital Myanmar undertakes and commits to the following:

  • We will not invest in companies involved in activities included in our Exclusion List
  • We will encourage and support our investee companies to operate in full compliance with the applicable laws, as well as our policy and its specific commitments towards the IFC Performance Standards
  • We will implement and adequately employ the appropriate procedures detailed in our E&S management system to ensure effective and sound management of E&S matters throughout our investment activities
  • We will work towards continuous improvements with respect to the management of E&S matters


Our governance and business integrity (GBI)’s objectives are to:

  • Ensure that Delta Capital Myanmar and our portfolio companies exhibit honesty, integrity, fairness, diligence and respect in all business dealings;
  • Enhance the good reputation of Delta Capital Myanmar, investors and our portfolio companies; and
  • Promote international best practices in relation to governance and business integrity in the businesses in which we invest.

To achieve the GBI objectives, Delta Capital Myanmar and our portfolio companies will:

  • Comply with all applicable laws and promote international best practices, including those laws and international best practice standards intended to tackle AML/CFT, anti-bribery and corruption and economic sanctions;
  • Uphold high standards of business integrity and honesty, including zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption in all business dealings;
  • Deal with regulators in an open and co-operative manner;
  • Commit and adopt good corporate governance practices; and
  • Provide appropriate whistleblowing / grievance recourse mechanism for stakeholders to facilitate the reporting of wrongdoings and misconducts.